Xtant Medical


OsteoSponge is a patented form of demineralized bone matrix (DBM) made from 100% bone. Derived from cancellous bone, OsteoSponge provides a natural scaffold for cellular ingrowth and exposes bone-growth-inducing proteins to the healing environment. The malleable properties of OsteoSponge enable it to fill and conform to irregular bony defects. Due to its shape memory characteristics, OsteoSponge will expand to completely fill a void after graft placement. The unique mechanical and biological properties make OsteoSponge an ideal bone graft for use with spinal fusion devices, in arthrodesis, or in fracture sites.

  • 100% human demineralized cancellous bone
  • Interconnected porosity
  • Osteoconductive, Osteoinductive potential
  • Compressible handling characteristics
  • Radiolucent to allow for accurate follow-up
  • Sterile R
  • 5 year shelf life
  • Room-temperature storage