Xtant Medical


BacFast HD facet stabilization dowels are designed with a focus on osteoconductivity and preventing graft migration. BacFast HD is an ideal graft to be used as a complement to common spinal fusion procedures as both preserve the posterior spine. Utilizing a proprietary demineralization technology, BacFast HD is hypo-demineralized to expose the growth factors and BMPs inherent to cortical bone. With the benefits of HD technology and increased collagen surface area, BacFast HD also provides the graft with osteoinductive properties without compromising the structural integrity of the graft. These characteristics, coupled with an osteoconductive design through increased surface contact and locking edges to prevent migration, BacFast HD is engineered with a focus on fusion as well as facet stabilization.

  • Precision-milled cortical bone
  • Osteoconductive and osteoinductive potential
  • Scalloped design and tapered nose increases surface area for enhanced osteoconduction
  • Contains two anti-migration locking edges
  • Sterile R
  • 5 year shelf life
  • Room-temperature storage