Xtant Medical


Xtant’s 3Demin Technology utilizes demineralized cortical bone fibers that are entangled and shaped into sizes engineered to complement specific surgical applications. This unique process creates an interconnected graft material that contains BMPs and other growth factors necessary for the promotion of new bone formation. 3Demin allografts are flexible upon hydration and each allograft has a sterility assurance level of 10-6 via low-dose gamma sterilization. 3Demin allografts are also available as loose cortical fibers in three volume options.

  • 100% human demineralized cortical bone fiber
  •  Osteoconductive matrix
  •  Osteoinductive potential
  •  Rehydrates in minutes for ease of use
  •  Pliable and compressible handling characteristics
  •  Excellent scaffold for bone marrow aspirate
  •  Sterile R
  •  5 year shelf life
  •  Room-temperature storage
  •  Multiple graft sizes and volumes to complement surgical applications